Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'Twas the Night Before Exams

‘Twas the night before Exams and all through my room,
I sat quietly awaiting my ultimate doom.
The pencils were placed in the backpack with care,
In hope that at the paper I just wouldn't stare.
The students were nervous all stiff in their chairs
While visions of failure hung in the air.

And the teachers with their Scantrons and I with my note cards,
Prepared for a day that was sure to be hard.
When books began to fall creating a clatter,
My teacher looked up asking what was the matter?
Frustration had built inside of my body,
I responded to her trying not to be snobby.

Then what with my wandering eyes should I see?
My clock blinking bright, twelve thirty-three.
A full night’s rest, surely not ahead,
I crawl to the couch, resting my head.
Hours passed by filled with cartoons and news,
But this was not curing my exam day blues.

Go math! Go english! Now physics! Spanish two!
Everything chemistry and anatomy too!
All Gen Ed classes, no matter how small,
Go away! Go away! Go away all!
All folders filled with useless review
All protractors, pens, and everything due.

As I began to drift off, finally calming down,
Thinking of the future made me frown.
I prayed I would not sleep through my alarm,
Surely a snow day would cause no harm.
My eyes-how dull! My hair balled in a mess!
As morning drew near I tried hard not to obsess.

I tumbled out of my cave, my stomach filled with fear.
I am not ready for this oh my, oh dear.
And grabbing my backpack with nerves in my belly,
I embarked on my journey, my legs just like jelly.
All of this panic filling my head,
Soon developing a new feeling of dread.

Last minute cramming would do nothing to alter,
Should have studied but knew I would falter.
With a switch of the light and a quick little sigh,
I trudged to school, kissing my good grades good-bye.
The teachers passed out the intimidating tests,
All I could think is, I should have gotten some rest.
Then I yelled to my peers, with a loud hearty cry,
Happy exams to all, kiss your GPA good-bye! 

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